Values, Character and Mission

The core of our character is our commitment to one another, and putting forth our best efforts to teammates and clients each and every day. While our approach is to challenge assumptions and adapt, our character and values remain as our foundation.

The Seattle Seahawks won their first NFL Championship with a group of underrated, under-valued, and misunderstood players. Coach Pete Carroll assembled the team by ignoring things like salary, pedigree, and draft number, to simply choose the best players for each position; a philosophy now known as “next man up”. Many of the methods used by this successful team are similar to our approach at UltiMentors:

Preparation wins:
We all may not have been born with great natural abilities, but we can achieve great things by our efforts.

Our defense can score:
Some of our greatest accomplishments come from responding to adversity.

We can run the ball:
Short sustained successes, and focusing on the details, leads to amazing achievements.

We can adapt:
When plans change to meet unforeseen circumstances, we have the skill to adapt quickly without loosing momentum.

Change doesn’t change who we are:
The fundamentals of who we are and what we do are not threatened by new ideas and new approaches. Change is growth and growth leads to success.

We walk our talk:
We are confident in our skills, and don’t need to shy away from saying so. However, we back up our talk and accomplish what we commit to.

Great individuals make a great team:
The uniqueness and special qualities of each individual is what makes our team strong; and through fearless collaboration, we achieve great things together.

UltiMentors utilizes patented best practices and metric driven products to transform strategic vision into a portfolio of successful projects.

UltiMentors transforms the project management industry to meet strategic objectives through best in class software, services and training.

We demonstrate our commitment to excellent customer service and products through our integrity, professionalism, innovation, and social responsibility