Project Management Audits

Project Audit Quiz:
Q1: The definition of a SUCCESSFUL PROJECT is when the approved scope is delivered:

A. On time
C. On budget
C. With no changes – other than by change order
D. All of the above

Did you answer ā€œDā€? Well done! If not, then you may need a Project Management Audit to improve the success of your projects!


    1. Document the way your organization manages projects for content and consistency
    2. Compare these processes to industry best practices
    3. Evaluate the impact of the difference
    4. Develop a plan to establish best practices
    5. UltiMentors provides management, guidance and training as we go
    6. Continuous mentoring for success

Projects can fail for a variety of reasons. It is helpful to have expertise available to evaluate how projects are being run. We provide comprehensive project management audit services that ensure the following:

  • Project objectives are clearly defined and understood.
  • Costs and benefits are clearly determined.
  • Projects risks are clearly defined and addressed.
  • Quality and communication plans are clearly articulated.
  • Safeguards and controls are in place.
  • Change management and scope control procedures are implemented.