Lee Lambert, PMP Founder, PMI supports our work!

Lee Lambert, PMP Founder, PMI Fellow and Industry Spokesperson completely supports our book, our Certification Course and Exam. He volunteered to write the forward for the book. “Stop Strategic Planning Into the Abyss and maintains it should become the “New Project Management Bible!”


As a Founder of the Project Management Institute’s (PMI©) Project Management Professional (PMP©) Certification and a PMI Fellow with over 50 years in profession I am regularly asked to review and comment on new PM books.  I have almost 300 in my personal library.  These books are authored by some of the most recognized and respected names in the profession.

Occasionally a new author comes along and shifts the project management book paradigm. Duane Petersen’s one of those authors.  Petersen was a student of mine over a decade ago in Seattle, Washington.  He was a pragmatist then and he continues to believe that project management is NOT brain surgery!

Duane’s “Stop Strategic Planning into the Abyss” is a treatise in “back to basics” that enables the reader to dispense with all of the rapidly expanding jargon and the plethora of “certifications”.  This refreshing book looks beyond the countless acronyms to illustrate the reality of what it takes to be a successful project manager in today’s fast paced, high pressure world.  Duane and I share the “Git R Dun” philosophy and his book will provide the impetus for all project managers, no matter what type of project, to achieve success.

Petersen and I have remained connected over the years despite our separate career paths.  I have focused on training (over 50,000 students in 23 countries) while he has taken the consulting path working diligently with corporations to improve their project management capabilities.  He recently completed six years in China where he assisted seven provincial governors and 85 bankers in implementing efficient and cost effective project management processes.

This book, like no other I have read, focusses on the importance of following the established project management process and using the proven tools and techniques to establish the foundation for creating decision support information, while executing the responsibilities of the project manager and his/her team. 

In some cases, Petersen pulls concepts from industrial engineering, business techniques based upon his MBA and establishes some new methods that take project management in some new directions to increase likelihood of success. Petersen pulls back the curtain on the PM process and presents the material in an easy-to-understand format. 

This book may well become the “Bible” for any aspiring project management practitioner.


Lee R. Lambert, PMP, CEO
PMI Fellow 2009
PMI Professional Development Provider of the Year 2007
PMI Distinguished Contribution Award 1995