Lee Lambert Restores My Faith in People!

When I wrote my book, “Stop Strategic Planning into the Abyss”, I needed to tell the world how to improve project management in order to fulfil Strategic Planning.

The problem: Lee Lambert is a founder of the PMP (Project Management Professional) and, in my view, the most influential person in the project management industry. I’d heard him speak on several occasions and admire him very much. Yet, my book had to take on project management as defined by PMI (Project Management Institute) to differentiate it from my processes. I needed to describe, in full, how project management needed to change.

The definition of a successful project is delivering what you promised to deliver (scope) within the time and cost you promised (budget and schedule). However, PMI direction does not give the necessary information to create a successful budget or schedule and the monitoring of projects is inadequate for business.

The issue: He has been a PMI leader for many years and a founder of the PMP. I wanted his support to be successful, but I feared he consider my book as a personal attack. That would be the last thing I wanted to happen. With much consternation, I sent him a copy of the book.

Unexpected Result: Lee not only read the book, he decided to FULLY endorse it!


Lee is now totally sold on my book and what it has to say. He’s agreed that we just MUST do what is outlined in the book to take project management to the next level. We’ve had a number of conversations and I will quote him.

  1. He’s agreed to fully endorse and promote my book
  2. He, along with Tres Roeder, has created a new organization Chief Project Officer Mastermind Group (CPOMG) and is building memberships throughout the USA and I will be in charge of building the northwest region.
  3. My book will be made available.
  4. The CPOMG will be launched, globally, soon.
  5. He has agreed that the PMP may no longer represent the profession’s most “elite”. The 60% passing score has resulted in what is referred to as “Paper PMPs! We will investigate developing a certification that will truly be labeled as elite – potentially requiring as much as an 80 percent to pass with a MUCH tougher test.
  6. Lee will assist me in finding an investor to complete the buildout of my software since it fully meets the needs of business and government.


Truly brilliant and amazing people can listen to ideas and words that challenge their creation, consider, then make decisions to move in a direction best for others. These people are truly few in number. Lee Lambert is one.