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70% of managers are making their teams worse.

Gallup scientists have found that companies are hiring the wrong people to be managers or supervisors 82% of the time, wasting time and money and causing their employees to be disengaged. The 18% left are responsible for 49% of the profit If 18% are responsible for 49% of the profit, the impact on an organization could be immense doubling that to 36% – just by developing motivating, engaging managers!

At UltiMentors, our testing and classes are a two edge sword to achieve success:

  • Testing and evaluation for executive searches, so they can discover the 18% for hire.
  • Testing and evaluation for existing executives – so they can discover those incapable of meeting the 18%.
  • Professional Development and Training to make executives more valuable
  • Training to improve in areas other than just leadership – strategic planning, risk, procurement.

On-Demand Video Courses:

PMP Exam Prep Course and Mock Exam

PMP Exam Prep Deluxe with E-mail Questions  and Unlimited Mock Exam

Executive Leadership

Executive Cost and Schedule Management

Executive Risk Management

Executive Procurement

Pinnacle Series I – PMP Elite Training