Pinnacle Project Strategist Certification

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Pinnacle Project Strategist Certification Course

The Pinnacle Strategist Course is the next generation of our Pinnacle Course. Not only is it enthusiastically endorsed by Lee Lambert, but it teaches what PMI does not:

  • How to develop a complete, MUCH more accurate budget, including ALL costs.
  • A schedule that is much more complete and accurate
  • Monitoring by metrics that include all costs necessary to be included in the budget and enables management to know PRECISELY how the project is performing against the budget and schedule
  • Teaches how to make project management adequately fulfill strategic planning.
  • Expands monitoring by metrics to precisely show how each strategic objective is performing and the strategic planning as a whole is performing against budgets and schedules.
  • Greatly expands tools and knowledge of contracting so a project manager can write and manage contracts and understand how to protect the organization from all potential risk created by procurements.
  • Integrates agile with waterfall in a way that enables the best of both worlds exist with the negative aspects of neither. For example, you will have a completely accurate budget and schedule which agile does not allow – while realizing regular product delivery which waterfall doesn’t have.
  • Totally upgrades Risk.

PMBOK brought order out the chaotic world that preceded it. The PMP truly was the gold standard because it drove people to master the new methods. The Pinnacle Strategist builds upon that great foundation and is the natural progression to take it to the next level of success necessary for business. It takes PMBOK and enhances it to the new level.

The Pinnacle Strategist Certification teaches EVERYTHING necessary for successful delivery of projects and strategic plans, requires 80% to pass and is completely essay. You must know each topic COMPLETELY to pass.

The difference? If the PMP is the Gold Standard of project management, the Pinnacle Strategist is the PLATINUM!

Covid-19 Special!

  • 1-5 attendees: $850 $500 each
  • 6-10 attendees: $800 $450 each
  • 11-20 attendees: $750 $400 each
  • 20+ attendees: $700 $350 each
  • Certification exam: $1495 $495 each

This course is split into two 4hr sessions on consecutive afternoons, choose the first afternoon as appropriate for you and the second will be scheduled automatically. Single-day classes are available, contact to arrange.

Who says training has to be boring? Our training courses are packed full of the kind of humor and insights that make learning fun!

We only hire those who have passed the Pinnacle Strategist exam. We hire the best, mentor them and pay them in accordance to their capabilities. We’re looking for instructors, evaluators and Project Manager Consultants. When you pass the exam, contact us at if you want an interview!