Project Management Consulting

A common joke in the industry – What is the difference between a $300 or more per hour project manager over a run-of-the-mill $50 per hour project manager?

Answer- $250 per hour or more! Sadly, the large, prestigious project management companies generally pay their people $40 – $50 per hour. We know, because we get regular calls from them! The rest is for paying their management structures who may never hear about your project and their Penthouse Suite office building you may never visit!


Our Project Managers are neither cheap nor inexpensive. We require each to be a Certified Pinnacle Project Strategist – GREATLY enhanced project management techniques of the TOP 1% of the Industry. This means we offer superior service that no competition can match.

You may pay more than you’re used to – but you can count on us to deliver projects on time and on schedule! Don’t make the mistake of managing MISSION CRITICAL projects by average, run-of-the-mill project managers – whether you’re paying $50 or $350 for them!

You will have spot-on budgets and schedules determined by superior – and patented processes that are ENTHUSIASTICALLY endorsed by Lee Lambert, PMP founder, PMI fellow and industry spokesperson.

We are a virtual organization with NO IVORY TOWER to pay for! We are a lean, mean project management machine!

We provide the BEST training – rigorously manage, mentor and guide our PMs – and pay them SIGNIFICANTLY MORE than the going rate! You pay for – and receive – ONLY THE BEST!

“What UltiMentors can do for you” presentation

“What UltiMentors can do for you” presentation