The Top 1% of PMPs use Pinnacle Principles™

Pinnacle Principles™ are the best practices used by only the top 1% of project management professionals. Pinnacle Principles™ formulas and procedures go above and beyond those recommended by the PMBOK® Guide and Standards. This includes costs overlooked by 99% of PMPs; such as: initiating and planning, meeting time, project manager cost, capacity planning, and the expected time value of risk. Pinnacle Principles™ are on the same level of process improvement as LEAN and Six Sigma, and have been taught in PMP advanced training courses for many years. Software tools to implement this level of excellence are being developed by UltiMentors.

The patent-pending True Cost formula captures expenses that others do not. True Cost adds the expenses of everyday business often overlooked and hidden. This includes meeting time, training and recruitment, incentives, and much more. Estimating a project reliably and knowing the True Cost is more accurate than “guesstimating” or “padding” budget numbers. These practices put projects at risk of failure. Without True Cost calculations, project estimates are unpredictable – often as much as 200%-300%! By contrast, True Cost is designed to keep a budget variance of less than +/-10%.

Pinnacle Principles™ are practiced by the the top 1% of project managers who have these abilities:

  • Generate and track Network Diagram, Critical Path (and other paths) and Metrics
  • Determine complete budgets and schedules
  • Merge PMBOK and Agile in a way to achieve the best without the worst
  • Establishing a bulletproof budget
  • Establishing a bulletproof schedule
  • Complete understanding of Earned and Planned Value and managing by metrics
  • Improved risk management
  • PM efficiency – streamline PM work and everything improves

UltiMentors teaches a Pinnacle Series PMP accredited online course!

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