The True Cost™ Formula

The patented True Cost formula captures expenses that others do not. Other products only capture the work breakdown structure cost of a project but Ultimate PM® adds the expenses of everyday business often overlooked and hidden. This includes meeting time, training and recruitment, incentives, and much more. Estimating a project reliably and knowing the True Cost is more accurate than “guesstimating” or “padding” budget numbers. These practices put projects at risk of failure. Without Ultimate PM® calculations, project estimates are unpredictable – often as much as 200%-300%! By contrast, Ultimate PM® is designed to keep a budget variance of less than +/-10%.

This includes:

  • Non-Productive Time
  • Status Meetings
  • Initiating and Planning
  • Project Manager Costs
  • Time Value of Risk
  • Monetary Value of Risk
  • Training and Recruitment
  • Incentives