The Ultimate Value Proposition for the Ultimate Success!

Ultimate PM® provides unique value.  The reason?  There is no other product on the market that allows  PM’s CEOs and Lenders to securely share true project status and up to the minute performance metrics. This is a transformative and revolutionary way to do business!



For Project Managers: Be in the Top 1%

With Ultimate PM®, you will be among the top 1% of PMs. Add value to your company, and to yourself as a top project manager. Encoded within Ultimate PM® are the keys to project success. With it you can create more accurate budgets and schedules, greatly enhanced risk management, much greater efficiency, much better document control, and access continuous performance metrics and predictive analysis. Be the best – be paid as the best.

Ultimate PM® merges PMBOK and Agile like no other tool. It also automates WBS and network diagrams, tracks critical paths and alternate paths and provides warnings. Save countless meeting hours as team members input time, turn in work packages, collaborate on the WBS and add risk items and everyone up and down stream is notified.

Ultimate PM® can integrate with enterprise business systems. Estimates for manufacturing and ordering can feed directly into an Ultimate PM® project template, allowing for a complete project plan estimate in minutes, rather than days or weeks.

For Business Leaders: Monitor Performance

Ultimate PM® is the choice for business leaders who want to align their Strategic Plan, Objectives, and Project Portfolios and know precisely how well they are producing. This begins by knowing precisely how much each of them will cost through application of best practices which guide the organization into the most accurate budget and schedule possible. Then avoid the trap of constantly throwing more money and time at projects to make them successful after they have exceeded budgets.

CEOs, CFOs, VPs, or any project sponsor can easily access performance data anywhere, anytime and question PMs on issues.

By tracking every dollar and every activity in a project, Ultimate PM® puts the power of accountability and transparency in the hands of business leaders. Business intelligence adds value as estimates becomes more and more accurate over time.

No more smoke and mirrors, or rosy estimates, just the facts of what each activity will take, and what it costs in REAL business dollars. Projects are delivered on time and on budget with all risks accounted for.

For Lenders and Investors: Manage and Avoid Risk

Business Case:

1. Banks, investors and other lenders currently cannot rely on budget numbers from business because these numbers are never accurate, so they loan money based upon a budget with no relationship with reality. 

With Ultimate PM, the lender knows precisely how much the project will cost (plus or minus 10%).

2. Lenders have to keep pouring more and more money into a failing project having no idea where it will end. 

Analytics from Ultimate PM dashboards display real-time projections of expected cost based on performance.

3. Lenders discover projects are over budget after the project is a failure when the customer asks for more money. Lending institutions using Ultimate PM see projections real-time to discover problems and the extent of the problem projected before they become serious, with the metrics on dashboards the bank is seeing real-time.

How It Works:

1. Lenders encourage businesses to use the product, perhaps through reductions in interest rate. Ultimate PM guides the business through best practices which result in the most accurate budget ever; a plus or minus 10% budget.

The lender now knows the correct amount of money to loan to the business.

2. As the project is in progress, all metrics for the project are being tracked. These metrics are displayed on a dashboard the lender can watch.

The lender dashboard shows precisely how the project is progressing. For example, the project is 30% complete, but has spent 45% of the budget. They will see a projection saying how much over budget the project will be. The lender can see a bad situation begin and can take actions at an early stage to avoid huge losses.

3. As the work is being completed, metrics are reflecting real-time changes. 

The lender can see exactly how the project is being completed as the work is being completed and can see precisely how much over budget the project will be based upon current performance.