UltiMentors Professional Development Exams

At UltiMentors, we understand a successful business needs successful people. The key is understanding how efficient business practices work – from strategic planning, to tactical implementation. UltiMentors evaluates and provides training for business leaders at all levels, from CEOs and VPs, to project managers and aspiring supervisors.

Take these exams to evaluate your project management expertise:

PMP Mock Exam by UltiMentors

The PMP exam is too costly in terms of money and effort to take a chance for failure. UltiMentors practice exams are an inexpensive option to worry about failure. Take this inexpensive practice exam until you feel totally prepared and confident that the test can be passed at ease. UltiMentors practice exams are each unique. 200 questions are randomly pulled from a base of over a thousand questions. You will know the results immediately with each wrong answer shown with the correct option marked.

PLEASE NOTE: UltiMentors PMP Exam Prep students have over a 99% pass ratio. These students have free access to sample exams.

Take the PMP mock exam at the reduced introductory rate of $35 per exam – 4 exam limit. 
Simply click on the link below and follow the step-by-step instructions:


UltiMentors Management Evaluation Exam – FREE

Determine if your leaders and project managers have the leadership skills and knowledge to enhance the likelihood of success for your organizations.  Take advantage of this special offer from UltiMentors! For a limited time, we are offering free evaluation exam.
To begin, click on the link below and follow the step-by-step instructions: